Be like the first guest in your room!

  • Your room is disinfected with one of the most efficient technologies on the market
  • Viruses, bacteria, mold, unpleasant odors, chemical residue disappear from your stay
  • Enjoy a stay now healthy, anti allergic and without unwanted guests, as if you were in a completely new room
  • Your room is systematically treated before your arrival

Advanced disinfection down to the last corner

  • A unique combination of patented technologies with proven results even in the hospital sphere, which combine simplicity, speed and efficiency avoiding any resistance of germs, for a guaranteed result in the long term
  • Natural disinfection and sterilization of all interior objects and spaces
  • The germs are self destroyed
  • No chemical residue remains in the room, the risk of allergies is nonexistent
  • Responds to your request to provide you with security, a fresh, hygienic and clean atmosphere without chemical overload
  • Help fight an invisible but real threat
  • Prevents classic allergies during your stays
  • Prefer a 'purespace' room rather than one that is not purified or chemically disinfected